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Piero Gilento, PI of ACTECH Project, together with Pierre-Marie Blanc will present the 2017-2018 fieldwork results of the on-going project at Umm as-Surab at ICHAJ 2019 that will be held in Florence from Jantnuary...

Umm as-Surab 0

Umm as-Surab

Umm as-Surab is located 80 km north of Amman, in the Mafraq Governorate, and it lies 13 km from the city Mafraq and 12 km from Umm el Jimal, the most important archaeological site...

History of the research 0

History of the research

The southern Hawrān (part of Roman Provincia Arabia), currently divided between Southern Syria and Northern Jordan, is a highly homogeneous geographic region and, at the same time, a very culturally rich area, characterized in...

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